How I learned to balance my menopause hormones and accidentally discovered the secret to losing weight and belly fat at midlife…


Hi I’m Helen. 

This is a photo of me from 2017.

It's definitely NOT my best photo ever!

I was 47 and had just undergone my second operation to complete the removal of my Thyroid

I didn’t know it then but my body was about to go haywire! 

Removing my Thyroid would send my HORMONES rocketing out of control and plunge me into a violent MENOPAUSE.

That brought uncontrollable menopause symptoms, hot flashes and sweats, depression, anxiety, hair loss, and the unstoppable weight gain!. 

No matter what I ate or did, the pounds piled on, especially on my BELLY.

There didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop it or reverse it. I looked pregnant.

Soon I felt like I didn’t even recognise myself.

I felt old, fat, frumpy and worn out.

Just like you I was miserable

I was at rock bottom.


Another awful photo from early 2018

I had weight gain, raging menopause symptoms and hair loss. I was just generally feeling awful, old and frumpy... i was miserable...

I asked Doctors for help but they had no solutions. HRT was not something I wanted to try.

Their attitude was that this was “Just The Menopause” and I would have to deal with it.

I was lost.

I had to do something or I felt I would take after my mum and Grandma who both spiralled into severe health difficulties and obesity after Menopause. 

I was so scared of that happening to me. I didn’t want that to be my path…

So I pulled on my big girl pants and started to look for an answer. No one else was going to do it for me. 

I was unable to work as I was so ill, so I spent every waking hour obsessively researching the science behind how your hormones work and how they affect your HEALTH, MENTAL WELLBEING, and WEIGHT.


How your HORMONES are the absolute KEY to being able to lose BELLY FAT & WEIGHT at Menopause and Midlife.

If your hormones are out of whack then NOTHING you do will shift the pounds. Once you get them balanced you can lose BELLY FAT easily.

That some EXERCISES can actually STOP YOU LOSING WEIGHT & that exercise is actually only a small part of the weight loss equation.

That getting your HORMONES into balance can improve your MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS and Mental Health as well as helping you SHED THE POUNDS.


I tried every diet under the sun. vegan, plant based, juicing, carnivore, Keto, Paleo. You name it I experimented with it.

I don’t mind admitting that I got a little crazy and obsessive in my quest to balance my hormones and regain my health.

But slowly and gradually a path emerged.

I found ways of eating that worked to nourish my broken body and slowly I crawled back to health.

As my frazzled hormones came back into balance my menopause symptoms subsided, my energy and mental health improved and miraculously, my totally unstoppable weight gain began to reverse.

My belly fat shrank and I started to be able to fit into my old clothes again.

It was such a wonderful feeling the day I could zip my favourite old jeans up again.

And I had a Eureka moment!

I realised…

Three years after that awful photo this is me today.

My menopause Belly has shrunk away and I have got back to a great weight for me.

I have plenty of energy, feel great mentally and, best of all, my Menopause symptoms have pretty much gone.

I feel like I have found the way to health that will set me in the right direction as I age.

I have found the key to losing weight & belly fat in the menopause years.

And all naturally through good food choices and gentle holistic lifestyle changes.

No low calorie starving, no crazy exercise and no HRT.

All backed by science

Me today...Less Belly Fat...Less Weight...Fewer Menopause Symptoms... More Energy and Better Health...

Does any of the following ring true for you?

You used to be able to eat whatever you wanted in your 30s and 40s but now no matter what you eat, the pounds pile on, and they head straight for your BELLY!


You feel like you hardly eat anything and spend ages exercising, but sometimes you can even put weight ON after a strict week!


You don’t think any diet will work for you. You have tried loads of different things like slimming organisations or diet shakes but nothing seems to work. You think there might be something uniquely wrong about you that stops you losing weight.


You feel old, frumpy and menopausal and wish there was something that would help you feel more like your old self again.


None of your old clothes fit any more and you just wish you could slim your belly to be able to fit back in your favourite jeans.


You are mentally drained, tired, exhausted and just totally sick of feeling like this. 

Well. You CAN do something about it.

In 14 days from now you could…

Trim inches of Menopause Belly Fat from your waistline.

Feel your clothes start to fit better.

Lose weight easily and without cravings.

Improve your general health, now and into the future.

Feel your Menopause symptoms start to improve.

Feel in control of your body again

Have more energy.

Just feel more like your old self.


All without having to count calories, starve or do crazy exercise.


The Belly Fat Solution

14 Day Menopause Weight Loss Plan

The Holistic Way To Balance your Hormones, Lose Weight & Feel Great - in 14 days

The Belly Fat Solution is a holistic weight loss plan for women around menopause. It’s designed to balance hormones and melt away belly fat and excess pounds naturally and quickly.
All backed by science.

Here's what you get with the The Belly Fat Solution 14 Day Menopause Weight Loss Plan

Diet Plan Overview

The plan overview explains the ideas behind the weight loss plan and gets you ready for success.

Simple and easy to understand plan for better results

Using natural and budget friendly ingredients

Exercise optional

Holistic approach for both body & mind

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan

Quickstart Planner

This printable planner is the HEART of the 14 day plan. It takes you by the hand and walks you through the plan day by day so you are never unsure about what you need to do.

Print out - Everything you need to know in one place

Track weight, measurements, menopause symptoms all in one easy planner

Always know what to do on each day

There are spaces to record your weight, symptoms and thoughts each day as well as motivation to keep going.

The QuickStart planner makes the diet as easy as possible for you. 

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan

How To Fix Hormone Hell

This guide is a deep dive into the reasons why you might be finding it hard to lose weight and belly fat and how to fix them.

The guide takes you through some of the most common hormone issues that women struggle with at menopause and outlines strategies to get your hormones back in line. The key to getting rid of your Menopause Belly.

How to spot the most common hormone imbalances around Menopause...

And how to fix them…

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan

Maintenance Plan

Once you have lost the weight you need, the maintenance plan ensures you know what to eat to keep the weight off.

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan

PLUS Course Content

As well as these downloadables, the course contains an absolute knowledge bomb of information to make sure you understand the concepts and science behind losing weight and belly fat at Menopause or beyond.

So you know EXACTLY how to shrink your belly fat, lose weight and keep it off. - FOR LIFE.

Course Content

  Hi. Come On In...
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Overview - What causes the Menopause Belly & Weight Gain?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  We Were Lied To By The Food Industry
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Fix Your Hormones
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sugar, Hormones & Weight Loss
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Fat is Your Weight Loss Friend
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Intermittent fasting - Your Menopause Weight Loss Secret Weapon
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Exercise And Weight Loss
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Stress & Belly Fat
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sleep For Weight Loss
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Belly Fat Solution - 14 Day Menopause Weight Loss Plan
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Your Feedback Is So Important To Me
Available in days
days after you enroll


But that’s not all. I’ve included some extra bonuses too to make sure you get the most out of this plan if you order now!


The Complete Menopause Natural Remedies checklist

Over 60 natural supplements & strategies to help with menopause symptoms.

The strategies and suggestions in this popular guide offer more ideas on how to help with common menopause symptoms such as, Anxiety and Depression, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Hormone Headaches... and more…

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan


Weight Loss Tracker

This downloadable spreadsheet enables you to plot your weight loss over the course of the plan and see your progress as a graph.

It also shows you your weight loss as a percentage of your body weight.

Great for motivation

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan


How To Cut Down Alcohol To Lose Weight & Improve Health & Menopause Symptoms

Alcohol can sabotage your weight loss plans and I find it's always the hardest thing to cut back on when trying to lose weight.

This guide gives you some strategies that will help...

Belly Fat Menopause Weight Loss Diet Plan


EARLY BIRD OFFER $30 {Normally $47}


YES. I offer a no risk 30 day guarantee. If you aren't happy with the plan you can contact me for a full refund. Just send an email to [email protected] and I will refund you straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Belly Fat Solution?

The Belly Fat Solution is a Holistic 14 Day Guided Weight Loss Plan aimed at balancing hormones, losing weight and shrinking Menopause Belly Fat. The plan is a low sugar, lower carb and high protein plan with healthy fats & intermittent fasting.

Who is this Plan designed for?

The Belly Fat Solution is designed for women at midlife, specifically those approaching or going through the Menopause. It is specifically formulated to help with the hormonal issues that cause fat build up in the belly area at this age. However, it can be used safely and successfully by anyone who wants to lose weight.

Will it help with Menopause symptoms?

Because the aim of the plan is to help you rebalance your hormones, you should see an improvement in Menopause symptoms. Every Menopausal body is different and results may vary but making the lifestyle changes that I recommend can lead to an improvement in Menopause symptoms over time. 

Can I do this if I am Vegan?

Unfortunately this plan is not suitable for vegans as you would not be able to eat the required protein amounts on a vegan diet. Vegetarians can follow the plan as long as you are happy to eat eggs and tofu as unfortunately beans and pulses aren’t included as protein sources.

Do I have to buy expensive supplements or ingredients?

No. The plan is based around normal, natural foods, vegetables, and protein sources [i.e. chicken, fish, etc.] which you can easily buy locally. No fancy shakes or complex and expensive foods needed.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Absolutely not. You pay a one off payment which gives you access to the entire program. You can do as many cycles of the plan as you want with no extra fees.

Can my husband do this with me?

Yes. Even though the plan is aimed at women it works fine for men too. It’s more fun to have a diet buddy to work with as well.

Do I have to exercise to see success?

Nope!. Absolutely not. Losing weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise [if that]. Get the diet right and you will lose weight. Exercise is optional. However if you can do 30 mins of gentle exercise [ie walking outdoors] a day to boost your metabolism you will get quicker results. I have to admit though. I don’t do much exercise [even though I know I should] and this way of eating works to keep me trim.

What will I get?

You will get access to the course material to work through in your own time as well as digital PDF format files that you can download and print.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. I offer a no risk guarantee. If you aren't happy with the plan you can contact me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes. Your security is extremely important to me so I have partnered with STRIPE to handle credit card payments. They use high level encryption to ensure your safety making sure you are 100% protected from fraud.


EARLY BIRD OFFER $30 {Normally $47}