What is the best hair dryer? Professional vs Personal

You can pay $ 40 or more than $ 400 with a hair dryer, but does it really matter? Despite large differences in price and power (ranging from 1,300 to 1,875), the drying time does not vary much, so you don't need to heat your head too much - literally - choosing a hair dryer. For further info, click here: professional hood hair dryers

Anyway, there are other factors to consider when buying a hair dryer that greatly influence its functionality, so it is always good to understand a little more about what you are buying.

Below, I will go through each of the technologies currently used and explain a little more about some characteristics found in higher quality products.

Come on?


Before you go shopping for any model you see ahead, it is always good to understand the features that will best adapt to what you need. If your hair is thicker, you will need more power, or a concentrator option, for example.


A concentrator helps to control the air that is directed through your hair to dry it more precisely. Many professional dryers come with a concentrator or two and you can also purchase accessories individually. TIP: To avoid frizz, point the nozzle down towards the ends of your hair during drying. This seals the cuticle and creates smoothness and shine.


Diffusers help to lift and separate hair, improving the natural texture of your hair. Hair diffusers dry quickly, without "blowing" your style and interrupting the natural texture; accentuating curls, increasing softness, avoiding frizz and flyaways.


The weight of a hair dryer can be an important factor, especially if your hair is long or thick.

If the weight of your dryer causes you to give up halfway through styling, look for a lightweight model to avoid bicep fatigue.

If you are always on the move, you may want to try an ideal model for light travel so that your dryer does not overload your bag or take up precious packaging space.

Swivel cable

A swivel at the end of the hair dryer lever allows the electric cable to rotate, preventing the wire from becoming tangled.

Noise level

Thanks to the “silent engine” technology, the average dryer noise level has been reduced to 60 decibels or less. (Ten years ago, the average was 80 decibels.)


There are two basic nose shapes to choose from: beak or not. Some prefer the nozzle because it concentrates the air flow for the most precise style. Many professional stylists don't even hold the dryer by the nose when they blow their hair for styling control. Non-nozzle designs disperse air throughout the hair for a complete break. Shorter nose dryers are more manageable (smaller) and lighter.

Removable air filter

It is important to have a removable air filter to help maintain the effectiveness of your hair dryer. The filter must be cleaned regularly to prevent the engine from overheating or causing hair damage.


For super affordable styling and drying, try a hair dryer with a built in brush. It doesn't offer as much control as separate tools, but it's a good option if you can't nail the break with both hands.



Tourmaline is a precious stone and is considered the best ionic and infrared generator in the world. When heated, tourmaline hair dryers negatively load hair into multiple sections, dividing large drops of water into smaller molecules that evaporate immediately. This type of operation dries hair faster, preventing damage and helping to maintain moisture and shine.


Ceramic hairdryers distribute heat evenly, preventing any sections of your hair from overheating. Ceramics can be used in the dryer body, in the heater or as a coating on the internal parts. Check the product details to find details for each dryer.


Ionic hair dryers create negative ions that neutralize the charge of positive hair and make it look good. With regular use, ionic dryers can actually make your hair healthier and less frizzy. You will feel the silkiness and see the shine.